How to talk to your early mobile app users to get real feedback?

We understand the importance of understanding and connecting with early mobile app users. In order to build a successful mobile app, it is crucial to gather feedback and insights from the people who will be using it. However, talking to users can be a difficult task, and it is important to have a strategic plan in place.

Here are some steps to follow when talking to your early mobile app users:

i. Don’t talk about your idea
During a user interview, it is important to extract information from the person you are talking to, rather than trying to sell them on using your product. The goal of a great user interview is to learn about their life and the specific problem area that you are trying to solve.

ii. Talk about specifics that have already occurred in the user’s life
Instead of talking about hypotheticals, such as features you want to build, focus on specific occurrences in the user’s life that led them to encounter the problem your app aims to solve. This will give you stronger and better information to make product and company-changing decisions.

iii. Learn about the user’s motivations
Ask questions about the user’s life in more general ways to extract context around how they arrived at this problem. Learn about their motivations and why they got themselves into the problem in the first place.

iv. Listen more than you talk
Founders tend to spend a lot of their time talking, whether it be pitching investors, employees or partners. In a user interview, try to restrain your interest in talking and really listen to what the user has to say.

v. Prioritise User Goals
When talking to early mobile app users, always prioritise their goals and needs. It is important to understand what they are looking for in an app and how they want to use it in order to create a user-centric design.

At Nordstone, we understand the importance of talking to early mobile app users and using their feedback to improve and optimise the design and functionality of our mobile apps. We also understand that building a successful mobile app takes more than just technical skills and knowledge, it takes a deep understanding of user needs and behaviours. As an established expert mobile app development company, we have the experience and expertise to help our clients build successful mobile apps that are intuitive, user-friendly and meet the needs of their target audience.

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