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Nordstone is a global team of world-class app developers, designers, product strategists, and growth hackers that take ideas from concepts to successful launch.




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End-to-End Mobile App Development

Nordstone specialises in cross-platform, native, and hybrid app development for iOS and Android. We employ industry-leading practices, cutting-edge tools, and renowned frameworks to design, develop, and scale apps. Our services encompass the entire lifecycle of your app, from the initial concept to its triumphant success.

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AI & ML App Development

We transform web and mobile apps into powerful solutions by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge AI tools to enable features like natural language processing and image recognition. Nordstone propels apps into the future with AI-driven user experiences and advanced predictive and generative capabilities.

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Full-Stack Web App Development

Nordstone excels in elevating businesses with dynamic SaaS applications, Progressive Web Apps, and interactive admin and user portals. We deliver innovative, user-centric solutions that drive business growth and success with a holistic approach that seamlessly integrates web and mobile functionalities into a unified digital ecosystem.

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Iteration & Ongoing App Support

Our specialised team improves, iterates, and scales your mobile app by eliminating bugs, streamlining communication, and accelerating development. Through a collaborative, user-centric approach, we delve into data analytics to uncover strategies tailored to boost your app’s revenue, downloads, user retention, and engagement.

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Our Process for Developing Successful Apps

Discover the power of our 7-step app development process, proven to deliver high-quality products for innovators that need to increase revenue growth, user acquisition, or enhance their products and services.

1. App Vision

We collaborate closely to understand the fundamental problem that your product solves and outline your goals. By asking specific questions about your business, target audience, and desired outcomes, we create a clear vision and goal for your app.

5. QA Testing

During app development, we conduct rigorous quality assurance (QA) testing, focusing on functionality, usability, and device compatibility. This ensures a refined, high-quality product that integrates early user feedback for a successful public launch.

2. Project Scoping

Together, we identify crucial MVP features aligned with your vision, ensuring a streamlined project scope. We meticulously define project boundaries and create a detailed development plan, pinpointing features, functionality, and the timeline to bring your app to fruition. 

6. Launching Your App

This exciting step marks your app’s official debut and start in the market. Our support extends to launch preparation, focusing on crafting a compelling app listing on both the Apple App and Google Play Store through strategic App Store Optimization (ASO) tactics.

3. UX/UI Design

We’ll bring your app to life with both low and high-fidelity designs, providing a clear preview of its look, feel, and functionality. Prioritising user experience, we’ll collaborate with you to craft an intuitive, user-friendly design that engages your audience and efficiently solves user problems.

4. App Development

We turn your app idea into reality using advanced coding practices to develop a robust backend, integrate APIs, and design a captivating user interface. Following a 2-week agile sprint approach, used by top tech companies, we ensure our code is clean, readable, documented, and modular for a secure and scalable digital product.

7. Iteration & Support

Once launched, we’ll focus on achieving Product Market Fit by collecting critical analytics and user feedback, and closely monitoring app performance. This crucial phase ensures user and market relevance by using data to guide our decisions for continuous enhancements and new features.

Featured Client Success Stories



Nordstone developed a web and mobile app designed to seamlessly connect small businesses throughout America with US government funding opportunities. This innovative solution effectively automates their processes, enabling the client to scale operations.

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Crypto Plug

Our developers created a premier crypto news app, featuring real-time updates, customizable feeds for favourite cryptocurrencies, and key functions like breaking news alerts and pump and dump warnings.

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We engineered and designed a dynamic e-commerce and e-learning distribution application for a worldwide brand that fosters a fun, fit, and healthy lifestyle via tap dance. This app offers an immersive customer experience, enhancing engagement and loyalty with the brand and significantly increasing the business’s long-term value.

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DropStar Technologies

Nordstone developed a social gaming app enabling users to easily search, edit, and save YouTube video clips to use as audio overlays on their live streams, and seamlessly integrated gaming hardware using IoT.


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