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“Expert experience in the industry. Quality of work is outstanding”

“Great experience working with Nordstone. Always listened to my feedback and ideas and suggested good ideas with their expert experience in the industry. They are always easy to get hold of when needed and the quality of work is outstanding.”

The client’s vision:

The client, came to Nordstone with a vision of creating the world’s best crypto news app. They wanted to provide real-time news, trusted sources, and the ability for users to customize their news feed based on their favorite cryptos. Additionally, they wanted to include features such as breaking news notifications, pump and dump alerts, and categorized news.

The problem that the product solves:

Crypto investors and enthusiasts often have to sift through a plethora of sources to stay informed about the latest news and trends in the crypto world. The abundance of unreliable sources and fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) can make it difficult for users to trust the information they are receiving.

How the product solves the problem:

The app addresses this problem by bringing together over 50 trusted news sources in one place. Users can customize their news feed to only receive updates about the cryptos they are interested in, and can trust that the information they are receiving is accurate. The app also includes features such as breaking news notifications and pump and dump alerts, allowing users to stay on top of the latest developments in the crypto world. Additionally, the app provides live market prices and 18 separate categories of news, making it easy for users to find the information they are looking for.

The Nordstone outcome:

Nordstone’s unique 7-step process for building new products, visioning, scoping, designing, developing, testing, launching and iterating helped us to understand the client’s vision and build a successful mobile app quickly. Nordstone’s team of experts worked closely with the client throughout the process to ensure that the final product met their needs and exceeded their expectations. As a result of the collaboration, the app was launched successfully and generated revenue quickly. The app’s viral growth of users and its ability to solve the user’s problem effectively, made it a huge success in the market. The clear communication throughout the project helped us to deliver the project on time and within budget.


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Crypto News

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