Fantasy Sports

The client’s vision :

The client’s vision was to create a new way to play fantasy sports by creating a platform that generates virtual sporting events on demand. They wanted to create a platform where users can use both current and former players in their lineups and eventually expand to other sports.

The problem that product solves :

The problem that the app solves is that traditional fantasy sports contests are limited by the availability of live sporting events. With this app, users can participate in fantasy sports contests, no matter the sport, during times when no other platform is active.

How the product solves the problem :

The app solves the problem by using a patent-pending technology to generate virtual sporting events on demand. Users can create and play contests with current and former NFL and MLB players from the 1997 and 1974 seasons, respectively. It also plans to expand to other sports such as basketball, cricket, soccer, hockey, NCAA men’s basketball, NCAA football, boxing, golf, auto and horse racing.

The Nordstone outcome :

The Nordstone outcome was the successful development and launch of the app. Nordstone’s unique 7-step process for building new products, visioning, scoping, designing, developing, testing, launching and iterating, ensured that the app was developed quickly, with a top-tier design, and utilizing the latest technologies. The app generated revenue, had viral growth of users and effectively solved the problem of limited fantasy sports contests by generating virtual sporting events on demand. The client benefitted from working with an expert mobile app development company who understood their vision and could build a successful mobile app quickly whilst having clear communication with the client the entire time.


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Fantasy Sports

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