The need

Nordstone is proud to showcase our latest portfolio project, Firehouse 24/7. This innovative mobile app is specifically tailored to help fire departments manage their day-to-day scheduling, giving them more time to focus on what truly matters: protecting their communities.

The client’s vision:

Our client, a firefighter by day and entrepreneur by night, based in the United States, approached us with the goal of creating a scheduling tool that would make it easy for them to fill in empty slots on their schedule, while also being fair and efficient. They wanted a solution that could handle the unique needs of different fire departments, from local to metropolitan, and be easily integrated with other systems they already used.

The problem that the product solves:

Fire departments face the challenge of filling in empty slots on their schedule, particularly when it comes to overtime shifts, details, and callbacks. Additionally, they want to ensure that these shifts are filled in a fair and efficient manner, taking into account factors such as seniority and skill sets.

How the product solves the problem:

Firehouse 24/7 uses an intelligent, rules-based scheduling algorithm to match the right person to the right shift, based on their skill set and seniority. The app also includes integrations with payroll, CAD, PCR, and RMS software, as well as automated shift filling and notifications via mobile app. This allows site admins to quickly and easily fill in empty slots on their schedule, while also ensuring fairness in the allocation of shifts.

The Nordstone outcome:

Working with Nordstone, the fire department was able to quickly launch Firehouse 24/7, which has been a resounding success. The app has been praised for its ease of use and efficiency, with one client stating, “Firehouse 24/7 filled 16 shifts in under an hour, a job that typically takes me 8 hours.” Nordstone’s unique 7-step process for building new products, including visioning, scoping, designing, developing, testing, launching and iterating, allowed us to understand our client’s vision and build a successful mobile app that meets their specific needs. Our clear communication with the client throughout the process helped ensure that the final product exceeded their expectations.

If you’re looking for an expert mobile app development company that can help you build a successful mobile app, look no further than Nordstone. Contact us today to schedule a call and see how we can help bring your vision to life.


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