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The Client’s Vision:

The client had a vision to revolutionize the American college sports industry through innovation and social engagement. They wanted to create a new platform, that would connect Athletes, Coaches, and Sponsors in a mobile-social context, unlocking unprecedented value and opportunities in the industry.

The Problem:

The traditional approach to discovering college talent and seeking sponsorship in American college sports was outdated and disconnected. This was a problem that the client wanted to solve by creating an innovative mobile-social platform that would make it easy for coaches to discover the latest college talent and for athletes to seek sponsorship.

The Solution:

Nordstone’s unique 7-step process for building new products – visioning, scoping, designing, developing, testing, launching, and iterating – was used to bring the app to life. Our design team employed the latest user-friendly and growth-centric design systems to generate the UI/UX mobile app designs. Our mobile app development team then engineered a professional full-stack iOS & Android mobile app using viral growth engineering and built-in referral mechanisms. Using agile methodologies, the mobile app was launched. The app had thousands of users generating content on a daily basis, requiring efficient methods of data storage and allocation, all while preserving user privacy and security. Our team also designed and built the full backend and frontend infrastructure to support Full HD live streaming.

The Nordstone Outcome:

The launch of the mobile app across the USA, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, aimed to disrupt the old industry of college sports and provided coaches across North America the opportunity to scout up-and-coming athletes and deliver personalized online live coaching sessions. Users generating content on a daily basis, the app has been a success in addressing the problem of outdated and disconnected methods of discovering college talent and seeking sponsorship.

At Nordstone, we have a proven track record of delivering innovative and high-quality mobile app solutions for our clients. Our unique 7-step process for building new products ensures that we bring the client’s vision to life, exceeding their expectations. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you bring your vision to reality.


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