The client’s vision:

Cobalt Image is a company that specializes in providing calibrated color profiles for photographers. They wanted to develop a mobile app that would allow photographers to easily access and use their color profiles on the go.

The problem that the product solves:

Many photographers struggle with achieving consistent color tones across different camera brands and models. Generic color profiles offered by raw development software often result in compressed color tones, altered skin tones, and huge color differences between raws from different brands.

How the product solves the problem:

The mobile app, developed by Nordstone, allows photographers to easily access and use Cobalt Image’s color calibrated profiles on their mobile devices. The app includes a Basic Pack of profiles, which provides a level of color consistency and control out of the box, without the need for juggling multiple sliders and presets. In addition, the app also offers film emulations, digital emulations, and other products to enhance the raw output of the camera.

The Nordstone outcome:

Nordstone worked closely with Cobalt Image throughout the entire development process, utilizing our unique 7-step process of visioning, scoping, designing, developing, testing, launching, and iterating to ensure that the app met the client’s needs and exceeded their expectations. The result was a mobile app that was well-received by photographers and helped to solve the problem of achieving consistent color tones across different camera brands and models. The app has also generated revenue for the client and had viral growth of users. Thanks to our clear communication with the client throughout the development process, the client was able to launch the app quickly and effectively.


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